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Introducing Mark Ridyard

Mark Ridyard is the Liberal Democrats prospective candidate for the Newcastle upon Tyne East & Wallsend constituency at the next General Election.

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Mark lives in Heaton and has a track record of actively fighting for Newcastle East & Wallsend. Have a read below to see learn about him and what he stands for:

Actively supporting our Community

Bringing the Community together - Mark has led or be on the core team on for Heaton Festival since its inception in 2011. This massive community event brings over 10,000 locals and 200 community groups together to build community and support eack other.

A local Football coach - Mark coached Heaton Hawks youth football team for 5 years and now coaches (and plays a little!) in an adult team across the North East

Treasurer for several organisations - Mark has been the treasurer of 3 groups doing the behind the scenes work to keep some brilliant organisations running.

Why Mark is different

A local who is committed to the area - Mark has been in Heaton since 1995 and has seen his family grow up in the local schools and with the local activities

Knows what it takes to get things done - Mark is a Director in Research and Development at Procter and Gamble where he has led the global development of new products, factory designs as well as global data and IT systems

Experience in making partnerships work - At work Mark has worked with people from across the world and as a volunteer with people from all sorts of backgrounds and he has learned that with the right people and by nurturing their passions we can deliver a lot together.

Can we see a different future together?

Many of us are fed up with National Politics and can't work out the differences between the the parties and that's why Mark is different. He's a member of our community and as a Liberal Democrat sees the different set of values needed to lead our city and our country into the future. You may ask yourself why vote? Does any of this make any difference? The answer is yes! We need to stand up for a different set of values. We believe that a successful city and country is built on a successful local community. Labour believes in central control and is so often out of touch, the Tories just leave it to the market and individual success or failure, we believe that if we help communities to help themselves then we all end up winning.

Mark has been active in our community for years trying to live this out. 

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