Police & Crime Survey

Have your say on local priorities for policing and community safety

The Liberal Democrats want to hear about your experiences of crime and anti-social behaviour across Newcastle and listen to your views on the priorities to be addressed by the Police and other agencies

Councillor Peter Lovatt, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Newcastle City Council and the Party's spokesperson on community safety, has launched a citywide survey to get the views and experiences of residents across Newcastle of crime and community safety.

A recent poll, commissioned by the Liberal Democrats nationally, found that nearly half of UK adults are not confident that the Police would turn up and properly investigate if they were the victims of some crimes. The survey also older people have the least confidence, with 73% of over 65s saying they were not confident the Police would attend after a burglary. 

The Conservative Government's ineffective resourcing has left front-line policing over stretched - with only 12% of officers allocated to neighbourhood policing teams.

Recent Home Office statistics, highlight the rising problem of unsolved crime. In the year to June, 76% of burglaries and 77% of car thefts went unsolved - and nearly 6,000 crimes went unsolved across England and Wales every single day.

Launching his survey to find out about local experiences and concerns about these issues here in Newcastle, Peter said: "The situation across the country is worrying, but we need to know more about what people feel across our city. Please take a few minutes to complete our survey to ensure your experiences and views are heard and help influence decisions on local priorities." 

Peter Lovatt beside Police HQ sign