Lib Dems at Pride 2018


Newcastle upon Tyne Liberal Democrats are a powerful and growing force in the city. With 23 seats in Newcastle City Council, we're the official opposition to Labour and one of the largest Liberal Democrat groups in the country. We're proud to represent such a vibrant, diverse city and work hard for our residents all year round.

Join our enthusiastic, hardworking team today and help us demand better for Newcastle upon Tyne.

The Liberal Democrats won control of Newcastle City Council in June 2004, after 30 years of Labour being in charge of the city.

For the next seven years, the Liberal Democrats addressed many of the failures inherited from the Labour administration.  Council services were improved, Council Tax rises held at or below the rate of inflation and the City was recognised for two years running as England's greenest Council.

The national political swing against the Coalition Government in 2011 saw Labour regain control of the Council - though many residents still thought the Liberal Democrats had run the City Council well.

The Liberal Democrats remain the only effective opposition to Labour within the Council Chamber as the second largest group - there have been no Conservative councillors elected in Newcastle since the 1980s and the Green Party do not have any councillors in Newcastle. 

The Liberal Democrats continue to campaign for change in Newcastle and to hold the Labour administration to account. They also campaign against decisions by the Conservative Government in Westminster which have seen local services cut and we continue to argue for greater Government investment in our great city and the wider North East region.


Liberal Democrats Leader Charles Kennedy with the victorious Newcastle team in June 2004