Ceasefire needed in Israel - Gaza conflict

20 Nov 2023
Ed Davey - Lib Dem Leader

Newcastle's Liberal Democrat candidates for Newcastle North, Newcastle East & Wallsend and Newcastle Central & West have supported Ed Davey's call for an immediate ceasefire in the Israel - Gaza Conflict.

In a joint statement, Aiden King, Mark Ridyard and Ali Avaei have outlined their views on the conflict in the Middle East: 

"What horrific images we have seen unfold on our TV screens these past few weeks. The shocking terrorist attacks by Hamas. The bombing of so much of Gaza. People left without even food or water. Families mourning loved ones, or fearing for those being held hostage.

"In the face of this dire situation, we three Liberal Democrats parliamentary candidates in Newcastle are making the case for a different way.

"We are clear that Hamas cannot be allowed to remain in charge of Gaza. We are concerned that a military solution to eliminate them will not work. And we believe that, with this humanitarian disaster, with over 200 still being held hostage by Hamas, and with the risk of escalation across the region, now is the time to try a new approach.

"We’re calling on the UK Government to back an immediate bilateral ceasefire, to achieve a political solution.

"As Ed Davey has set out, a ceasefire cannot be about freezing the conflict, leaving Hamas in charge of Gaza. That’s unacceptable. It must be contingent upon both parties. And it cannot be the end goal - that must always be two states and a lasting peace.

"So we choose to centre on a two-state solution. Because only a lasting peace can deliver the security which both Palestinians and Israelis deserve. So that Palestinian and Israeli children can grow up free of this awful cycle of violence and tragedy in peace prosperity and mutual understanding."