Stop Sewage Pollution of the Ouseburn

10 Mar 2024
Pauline inspects the Ouseburn at Mortuary Lane

The Parklands Focus Team, led by Cllr Pauline Allen, are supporting the campaign to stop untreated sewage flowing into the Ouseburn along its length - including here in Parklands.

During heavy rain, untreated sewage is allowed to be discharged through a series of outfall pipes mainly controlled by Northumbrian Water. Across the length of the Ouseburn, there were 228 incidents in 2022, with over 910 million litres of contaminated water running into the river.

Here in Parklands, the Ouseburn passes close to Melbury, Brunton Park, Bridge Park, Mortuary Lane, Whitebridge Park and Garden Village.

Many people enjoy walking along and relaxing by the river, both here in Parklands and particularly in locations like Jesmond Dene. But a study by Newcastle University scientists in Jesmond Dene found the water contained faecal bacterial levels around 100 times higher than bathing water standards – leading to a risk of diarrhoea or another gastrointestinal disease.

Commenting on the campaign, Pauline said: “On a warm summer’s day, what can be better than walking along or messing about near in the river, but the risks to children and pets are unacceptable. The smell is also terrible. We need to call an end to the practice of using our rivers as open sewers.”

Follow the link below to read more about the problem and sign our petition.