Good News on New Tree Planting

6 Feb 2024
Parklands Focus Team with council officers in Garden Village

New Trees in Garden Village

We’ve been working on new trees for a long time, as we’ve reported on the front page of paper Focus. Funded by grants, the agreed plan, on which work has now started. The locations covered are: 

- Hollywood Avenue - with 11 Field Maples, using wherever possible the pits which previously held felled diseased trees (which were temporarily filled – subject to final utilities surveys) 

- Woodlea Gardens - 9 new trees.  

- Salters Court and adjacent land - another 9 new trees 

These latter two sites will have new Acer freemanii ‘Jeffers red’; Betula pendula; Alnus glutinosa; and Carpius betulus. Tree types have been selected by the City’s experts (who visited all the proposed sites along with the Focus Team of Pauline, Christine & Robin - pictured) and who tell us that they are extremely hardy, resilient trees which excel in difficult conditions.

New Trees on Great North Road - some replacements and more new trees

Nine new trees are being planted on the Great North Road, using held-over Ward grants money from last year and the balance of this financial year – about £5000. (two pictured) 

Two diseased trees in that area have been felled. It had been confirmed by ultrasound. Such a pity - the replacements we’ve funded will take many years to achieve their current majesty on the northern gateway to the city. This is what we were told before the felling: 

“While undertake tree inspections on the trees on Great North Road and surrounding areas I have unfortunately identified two tree which need to be removed.  

“This is due to them being hollow in the middle due to decay. This was determined by a resistograph we use to determine the ratio between solid wood and rotten and decayed wood within the stem of the tree.  

“The first is a lime tree opposite number 37 where the footpath crosses the central reservation just nest to Newlands Avenue 

“The second is the beech tree opposite number 55 Great North Road next to the walkway which crosses the central reservation near the junction of Norwood Avenue 

“The lime tree is showing signs of dieback and producing deadwood within the canopy but the beech tree although appears healthy. Rot and decay within trees do not always show any sights in the canopy so the tree could be in full leaf in the summer and appear healthy but has high potential to fail from the stem and root place where the rot is located.  

“A notice will be placed on both trees informing the residents that we need to remove these trees on safety grounds. “ 

Trees - Future Plans

We are trying to encourage other organisations with control of land to plant more trees, and have put the Council’s trees lead in touch with them. 

* Cheswick Drive – Taylor Wimpey, who own the grassed area and former Metro car park 

* The two golf courses south of the Ouseburn 

* Three Mile Allotments, who have been maintaining bank along Mortuary Lane 

* Gosforth Sports Association, Broadway West 

* Red House Farm JFC, Kingston Park Road. Have previously expressed their willingness 

* North Gosforth Parish Council, who have planted trees on their village greens in the past