Closure of Jesmond Park Academy – an update from your Manor Park Ward Councillors.

6 Nov 2023
Greg and Doreen outside Jesmond Park Academy

We continue to hear from concerned residents about the sudden and ongoing closure of Jesmond Park Academy (JPA) due to storm damage. This has impacted many families in various wards across the city, and we would like to reassure everyone that councillors across affected wards are concerned and will make every effort to keep people informed.

Like many concerned parents and schoolchildren, we had hoped the school would be in a position to reopen on Monday 6th November after this week’s half term. However, this has not happened and current indications are that it may be later this week. Newcastle City Council's Assistant Director for Education is involved in the discussions around reopening and is seeking to ensure that the best interests of students are the priority.

Nevertheless, this continues to be an anxious time for so many families in our community.

Atlhough aspects of this situation are not within our direct control, we would like to assure students and residents that we are following this issue closely and will continue to seek answers to the questions being raised by the local community.

Please contact us at if you have any questions or would like to let us know about any concerns.